Sunday, April 3, 2011

Finished projects!!

So I finally got around to wearing the skirt I finished....crazy MO weather!! This is soooo comfortable and wrinkle free (the best kind!!) If you would like to attempt this you can go to this link It looks more difficult than it really is. One note that I should have done is practice making the gathered part of the skirt (bottom). Her's was more gathered but I will know for next time :)

I also finished Brenna's Easter Dress. I had a little fight with the zipper but I am super excited with how it turned out and can't wait until she puts it on. I'm afraid to let her try it on because she will throw a fit when I make her take it off!! This is from Butterick B4967 pattern


Happy Crafting!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Mug Cozy

I have had requests to make these so I finally got around to it. Super simple to make and so cute!! All you need is a small amount of yarn, 2 buttons and thread + needle, plus the ability to knit!!
Here is my pattern if you would like to try it.....
Yarn of your choice (I used wool because that is what I had on hand)
Sz 8 needles (select needles according to your yarn weight)
2 buttons
Regular sewing thread to match your yarn
Tapestry needle and regular sewing needle

Cast on 11.
Knit 6 rows in Garter stitch.
Knit 3, cast off 2, knit 2, cast off 2, knit 2.
Knit 2, knit through the front and back two times, knit 2, knit through the front and back two times, knit 3 (you should have 11 stitches total)
Knit in Garter stitch until your total length is about 10" (you can double check your length by wrapping cozy around the mug you plan to cover).
Cast off. Sew in tail to edges.
Sew on buttons. And there you have it!!
If you need any help just let me know!!
 Happy Knitting :)