Monday, March 28, 2011

What's for dinner?

Tried another new recipe the other night. I was looking to use up some of the veggies from Co-op and came across this on the Kraft website. It's Parmesan chicken and broccoli pasta for 2. I increased the pasta to 1/2 lb and the chicken to 2 breasts and that made enough for 4 servings. This was a nice, light dinner that Greg and I both enjoyed.

In crafting news, Greg finished my sewing area downstairs this weekend so I have an entire room dedicated to my crafting!! I am sooooo excited! I will now be able to leave my half finished projects out and not have to worry about dirty little hands getting all over everything (plus I will get my buffet back for things like serving!!). I hit up the remnant bin at Joann's the last couple of weekends and have enough different fabrics for Brenna to have plenty of cute outfits this summer. I also found some material for my "pay it forward" projects. I am almost finished with my knitted baby blanket too! I will get my pics uploaded for the projects that are finished this week! Happy Monday!!!

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